Friday, February 27, 2015

Giant Snowman and Ice Storm!

Hey everyone! How are you? We have been having a LOT of wintry weather lately! :P I'm ready for spring! So on Monday (not last Monday, but the last), we had an ice storm, which is no fun. The power went out, but we were lucky and had it back on within a few hours, unlike  quite a few of the others who had their power out after the storm. Then the other day, we got some more snow,but not enough to build a big snowman. The second picture is the tinier snowman. Then just yesterday, we built a big snowman. We got about 6" of snow, which is rare where I live. So yeah, enjoy the pictures!

We were kinda trying to make this one look like an alien man...

What do you like to do in the snow? Do you build snowmen?
Have a great day, everyone! ;)


  1. Awesome pictures Katie! We had a snow storm at our house too and the power went out ( It was from 8 at night until the next morning) We made a snow deer, bunny, and just a snowman. It was pretty fun. :) Great post!

  2. Wow! Your post makes me want to sing "DO YOU WANT TO BUILD A SNOWMAN!!!!????" Ah, I just love that song......I was at drama class last week running lines and these 4 little girls starting breaking out into that song! It was the sweetest thing! :D

  3. Cute snowmen!! Many people in our neighbor hood built some pretty awesome snowmen too :)

  4. Love these snowmen! I never understood why people use carrots for noses, but I have to admit it looks adorable! Great post! :)

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  5. Awesome snowmen! My siblings and I need to get outside and make some. We always have more snow than we know what to do with here! Mostly the five of us have snowball fights in the woods. :)
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute