Monday, October 27, 2014

Orange Fishtail bracelets for orange day

Hey everyone! So today I have a tutorial on how to make an orange fishtail bracelet. I am specifically making these for orange day coming up. :)
I don't have a video because I didn't have enough room on my phone to make one, but I do have a few pictures and I hope those are helpful.

You don't really need this many bands, I just grabbed a handful.
If you notice, you can see my shadow taking the picture. :P

This is how you start off. Just take one of the bands and make sort of a figure 8 on your fingers.

Then on top of that figure 8 add two more bands.
Ok, so then you take that figure 8 band and pull it over top of the other two bands.
Does that make sense?
Then add another band and pull the bottom band over again.
You keep doing this until you get the desired length.
Then all you have to do is hook the S hook to both ends.

Pull the bottom ring over the top rings like seen in this picture. ;)

This is the finished product.
Do you like them?
Do you understand how to make them? If you don't I can go into more detail and help you. :)
Have a great day!


  1. Cute! This was helpful. :) Where did you get the bands?

    1. Thank you, Grace!
      I am so glad this helped you. :) I honestly don't remember where I got them, I think I got them for christmas. They're very popular though so you should be able to find them at places like Wal-mart or A.C Moore. :) I've bought other colours at those places.
      Have a great day!