Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stranded on a Deserted Island Tag

Hey everyone!
So I've decided to create a tag of my own! My friend Julia created one a few months ago, and I was like, hey, it sounds like fun to create a tag! So here we go: I call it, Stranded on a Deserted Island tag.
1. You thank the person who tagged you.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Tag a few other bloggers (3,5,10,15, any amount!) and let them know.

So here's the scenario: You are stranded on a remote island for 1 year. Keeping that in mind, answer the questions below:

You can have one food item (besides all the fish you can catch!). What would you choose?
Well, hmmm....I'm going to say mac and cheese! I love mac and cheese, haha. :)
You can have only one beverage (besides fresh H20)?
Probably tea. I love tea, and that's a smarter decision than pepsi. ;)
What ONE outfit would you bring to wear (top, bottom, and shoes)?
I'm going to be assuming this island is warm/hot, so I'll choose a t-shirt, shorts, and my tennis shoes.
1 Author: You get all the book they've ever written.
Definitely Erin Hunter! I absolutely love her books, and she has written a LOT of books. :)
1 Magazine: You'll get one each month!
Probably American girls or the King's blooming rose magazine.
1 Freebie item, it can be anything (other than your cell phone, I wouldn't imagine you would get a good reception anyway. ;))
Wow, this is hard! Hmm....maybe a pillow! :)
While struggling to survive, what cool thing could you do for 1 whole year?
Hang and play in the forest!
Best thing about solo island living: the beach, do WHATEVER I want, great tan, or lot of "alone time"?
Either the beach, or getting to do whatever I want.
Ickiest thing about your so-called paradise: too much alone time, awful sunburn, learning to fish, or sand in everything?
Probably too much alone time. I do enjoy alone time, but not a whole year's worth.
Yay! You're finally rescued! Who is the first person you'd want to see?
I can't choose just one person! I'd have to just choose my family. :)
First thing you'd want to do?
Take a shower!!
First thing you'd want to eat?
Anything but mac and cheese! Maybe some spicy tacos. ;)

So I tag:
Jessica Joy 

I hope you guys all enjoyed this post! I loved making it. ;) I can't wait to see where it goes! :)
Have a great day!