Friday, November 14, 2014

What I'm Thankful for: (Part of the Give Thanks X7 challenge)

Hey everyone! So today I'm sharing with you what I've been thankful for through the Give Thanks X7 challenge the KBR magazine is hosting. So here's what I've been thankful for the past 13 days!
Day  1:

1.The chance to have an education when so many other children don't have that opportunity.
2. My wonderful family who's always there for me.
3. A loving and forgiving God who is always watching each and everyone of us.
4. Beautiful autumn colours all around.
5. The chance to reach out to people on my blog, Lilies of Grace.
6. Freedom of religion when so many others are killed if they believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ.
7. A warm house on such a cold, dreary day.

Day 2:

1.A beautiful sunny day today.
2. Our electric fire places to warm us on cold days.
3. All my wonderful penpals.
4. Clean drinking water
5. Soap and shampoo so I can take showers, when so many other people don't have those simple luxuries.
6. Warm socks.
7. The opportunity to have food on our table, 3 times a day. So many people don't even have food 1 time a day.

Day 3:

1.Hot chocolate on cold days. Mmmm! :)
2. A clear blue sky on a cold day.
3. My cell phone so I can keep in touch with all my friends. :)
4. Running water in our house so we don't have to go pull it out of a well everytime we need a bath or a drink.
5. Music
6. My delicious breakfast I have every Sunday morning, cinnamon rolls. Mmm!
7. Books


Day 4:
1. The book of Philippians. It has so many wonderful verses that I love. :)
2. All of God's promises. He has so many, and I know he'll never break any of them.
3. Internet
4. Clothes in my closet.
5. This opportunity to get to know all you girls and remind myself of all the wonderful things God has given me.
6. Our car
7. The recipe I received today in the mail. I'm participating in a recipe exchange, and I was very happy to receive my first new recipe. :)


Day 5:

1.The fun times I had this morning in my p.e class with my friends.
2. Tea!
3. Rain
4. Delicious pomegranates! I love them!
5. Family dinners. I'm glad we have the time to sit down a couple times of week to have a family dinner together, even when we all have busy schedules.
6. All of the beautiful sights God has given us. The mountains, the oceans, the aurora borealis! God truly shows us just how creative he really is.
7. The free midwifery course Julia Ryan sent me the link for! I am so glad she shared it with me! Thank you! :)


Day 6:

1. The nice weather so we can have the windows open. :)
2. The windy day we're having. It feels very nice out!
3. The warm Sweet Tangerine tea I had this morning with my homemade oatmeal.
4. Dinner tonight- we're having one of my favourites: tacos!
5. My warm fleecy pajama pants! They're so cute!
6. All of our great schoolbooks we have!
7. Our two sweet kitties, Alice and Jasper!


Day 7:

1. The delicious stirfry we're having for dinner tonight!
2. The beautiful windchimes playing outside our front door.
3. The opportunity to be in a fun group, it's called American Heritage Girls, and I have a great time there!
4. Pens and pencils so we can write.
5. Our cool stamps we have so I can write to my penpals. :)
6. The 2 new followers on Google+ I got yesterday and today. I love knowing that people enjoy reading what I write. :)
7. The ginormous salad I had for lunch! It was so good! We have just a big salad for lunch every Friday for lunch. :)    

 Day 8:

1. The delicious ice cream sundae I had last night for dessert!
2. A warm house
3. My red hair. :)
4. My snack of cookies and chocolate soymilk, while watching this show called Business of being born, with my mama.
5. Being able to sleep in this morning until 9.
6. Our trampoline!
7. My hello kitty snuggie my friend got for my birthday this year. :) It's so warm, and I love it!

  Day 9:

1. The Cheerio treats we're having later for a midnight snack.
2. The cute puppy we looked at today in the shelter. We're thinking about adopting her!
3. All the groceries we got today during our monthly shopping trip.
4. My boots
5. My pretty calendar hanging in my room.
6. Pineapples!
7. All the cute cups and mugs we own.


Day 10:

1. The cute clothes we got for our puppy!
2. The fun week of autumn outfit post I did today over at my blog. I had a lot of fun doing it!
3. The delicious brownies we're going to have for dessert! Yum!
4. The Pepsi we're going to have as a special drink tonight for dinner!
5. Our library. I don't know what I'd do without it! I'd hate to have to buy every book I want to read, and I really don't like reading ebooks. :)
6. That the whole family agreed on the name Luna. We all love it so much! We went through quite a few names before we found the perfect one we all liked. :)
7. The yummy vanilla spice tea I had the other day with my breakfast.


Day 11:

1. We got approved to adopt a new puppy! Yay!
2. An expert cake decorator who's coming into my class tonight as a guest speaker. :)
3. Quesdillas with fire sauce for dinner tonight. I just LOVE spicy food!
4. The encouraging blog I read and all the blogger friends I've made. :)
5. For God's protecting hand.
6. The cool breeze blowing in through our windows right now.
7. KBR magazine!


Day 12:

1. That our cat is ok. He was drooling like crazy. Turns out he ate the liquid inside of a glowstick and it tasted really bitter.
2. We got to skip our schoolwork this morning. :)
3. My cute Washington D.C. bracelet my friend got me as a souvenir a few months ago. I love it!
4. My cotton candy coloured socks!
5. Text messages.
6. God's eternal love
7. My cute cat leggings! :)


Day 13:

1. My delicious cup of Assam Black tea I had this morning with our homemade oatmeal.
2. That my delivery from Bath and Body works is suppose to come today or tomorrow. :)
3. Taco salad for dinner tonight!
4. Thanksgiving coming up soon!
5. We picked up some Taco Bell the other night as a special treat. Since we're going to get a new puppy soon, money's tight, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to have something special. :)
6. The little flurries of snow falling from the sky. It's our first snow this winter!
7. Weather radars
Have a blessed day everyone!
P.S This is my 50th post! :)


  1. Wow, what a great list! I love tacos too! That is so exciting that you got a puppy! =D Have a lovely day!


    1. Thanks Jessica! Tacos are delicious! :-) Have a blessed day!